Vintage Perfection to Reflect the Owner

This space was just too much fun to create, mostly due to the owner’s unique and complete devotion to all things old related to New Zealand.  She is constantly trolling antique shops and the internet for fun finds to add to her home.  The challenge was how to pull all of these items together into a cohesive look that told a story and avoided clutter.

This quirky collector amassed a number of items that had pops of red which I ran with selecting upholstery and touches of paint.  The bookshelves offer a chic display space for books and knick-knacks.  The furniture is a nod to nostalgia to embrace the throw-back feel of the home.  Placement of the central painting was an obvious choice as something to bring everything together from a design perspective.  The curtains selected have both sheer panels and a more substantial fabric to allow for privacy but she can also keep the natural light shining in.

The bedroom paint and fabrics stayed true to the fun colour scheme in the other rooms.  I also integrated more of the owner’s art collection into my strategy.

For the kitchen, we kept things rather simple by choosing simple sleek white countertops and cupboards.  Blue tiles make a wonderful backsplash at the sink and bring your eye from the kitchen to the blue upholstery in the seating area nearby and the use of mini corrugated iron on the breakfast bar harks back to the woolshed of times gone by. The Smeg refrigerator range has a vintage vibe so it was a natural choice for this wonderfully hip home.