Very Cool Villa in Sandringham

This super cool home needed a bit of a refresh after it was purchased,  as some major style elements were throwbacks to trends from decades ago.  The house belongs to a family always on the go with small pre-school aged children so there is never a dull moment.  Taking into account their lifestyle and the ages of the kids, I knew my strategy must include durable fabrics and other materials that will wear well against teeny sticky fingers.

I was immediately besotted by the stain glass windows and wanted to build a colour scheme around their charming design.  For the sitting room I chose two pale blue colours called Ashanti and Conch both by Resene.  Next, I mixed together a combination of fabrics and embroidered cushions for seating that is comfortable yet sophisticated.  The custom ottoman in a classic ikat, is a total showpiece that brings the whole room together yet has functionality as a place to serve guests drinks or hors d’oeuvres.  I covered the windowseat with a sun resistant fabric, creating a fabulous nook to read or enjoy views of the lush property.   By re-merchandising the custom designed bookshelves with some of the owner’s belongings, hanging the stunning abstract mirror which they has acquired and adding sheer flowy curtains we helped utilitarian area become very stylish.


The bedrooms have been transformed into places that will guarantee sweet dreams for years to come.   The children’s rooms are fun, quirky and totally kid-appropriate.  The curtains are made from high-quality Scion fabrics and were chosen for their universal appeal ensuring the kids won’t quickly outgrow either pattern.  The large scale wallpaper in the master is stunning and speaks to the personal style of the couple while complimenting the old world charm of their built-in closet and the house itself.  I continue to work with them in choosing additional furnishings to further improve their spaces.