Transforming a Grand Villa on Herne Bay

This home is a total gem sitting on the natural utopia that is Herne Bay.  Not only is the area lovely, this villa is a sprawling place that couldn’t be more ideal for a family of four with two kids (not to mention one awesome canine) that are always in motion.  One of the key needs I was tasked with was to craft a fully functional and professional workspace so both owners could do their jobs from home.  A portion of the sitting room became an office so wonderful, that you could run an empire with ease and in comfort and style.  Even better, the eye wasn’t drawn to the workspace as it was subtly integrated so it is not the focus of the room.

Another decor challenge was to make the large piano a seamless addition to the space.   Often, an object of this size can become the “elephant” in the room.  By positioning it in natural light in-between panels of fabric it softened the look wood and drew it into the design scheme.  The owners had already purchased the leather club chair which I kept as a comfy place to ponder business decisions.  A bold floral pattern on the armchairs is a classic by GP&J Baker and added a bit of femininity and polish. One of the features I particularly like in this remodel is the USM furniture system. It is a modular storage solution which means the cabinetry can be moved with them should they buy another property in the future.  Talk about a smart investment!

The family sitting room screams welcome with a patterned rug and striped seating  that beckons family and friends to gather around the fire.  The over-sized sofa will wear well with kids and gives everyone room to hang out without being on top of each other. Bespoke timber furniture was made to seamlessly fit into an existing alcove and the rooms extends into a outdoor playground with pool and entertaining space.