One of the Best Bungalows in Auckland

This old but awesome bungalow has views of the Sky Tower and Castor Bay so it’s no wonder the owners simply had to have it.  They knew it would require major renovations to make it a perfect fit for their family and they were all-in to make improvements.  This super busy family has three boys and their beloved dog that has a reserved spot on the sofa for cuddles.  I worked closely with the client very conscious of their budget and lifestyle every step of the way.

The living room is the heartbeat of the house where they gather to chat, play and watch television.  I chose an L-shaped sofa that will give everyone plenty of room to spread out and relax and covered it in fabric that can take on three energetic kids with ease.   I added fun pops of colour to keep things quirky and laid-back.  To keep their personality ever-present in the design, their old dining room table was recycled to create still functional table of the banquet. Oak accents tie back to the family table for a bit of a design story that flows effortlessly throughout the home.

The entrance foyer features one of my famous bespoke rugs that welcomes the family and their guests inside. It creates a link between the relaxed family living space and the more formal sitting room. The console table was proudly made in New Zealand while the mirror was sources for a local distribute.

The formal sitting area features fabrics by that are hospitality-rated that will last for years.  The embroidered cushions add a dash of sophistication and the mirror was made from a re-purposed chateau window.  The dining table was sourced from one of my vendors who made it at the fraction of the cost in lieu of buying it retail. Close attention to detail was given while selecting everything from the hearth, the art to the light fixtures to the oh, so perfect candle arrangement on the table.