Lovely Home in Lucerne

This home is certainly lovely, but parts of it were still stuck in the 1950’s. A super busy professional couple, four kids and enough animals to fill an ark live here. It has been featured in New Zealand Herald and I am really proud of some of my clever design solutions that dealt with some of the challenges that other designers might find daunting.

The bathroom, had plumbing limitations so I built a platform for this stunning bathtub to sit upon and chose Zucchetti fixtures for a modern feel. The rounded mirror and slick sink with white tiles throughout are sturdy enough for years of use but still give a cool contemporary feel. Ladies, please notice the clever shelf in the shower ideal for foot placement while shaving your legs!

The lovely little girl who lives here currently has a minor obsession with the colour purple and wanted a room to reflect this. However, I know how preference can be a bit fleeting at this age so I put pops of purple in the wallpaper and via an affordable rug that can be swapped out for her next colour fixation. The boy’s rooms are bold, playful and really fun to look at. The fabrics chosen will stand up to busy boys and the wallpaper is too sweet for words. These two rooms have featured in the New Zealand House and Garden.

The sitting room is elegance personified but can handle use by a big family. The chair was covered in fabric by Alcantara which is the same fabric used in sports cars and luxury yachts. It is mid-century mixed with vintage for an eclectic vibe that really reflects the tastes of the owner. Lights by John Cullen Lighting, London above the mirror create the illusion of a larger space.

As New Zealanders, we love a good outdoor area and it can add major square meters for practical usable space. A sophisticated fireplace and a seating and eating area will guarantee tons of precious family time will happen out here!