Kids Are the Kings of this Castle

This concrete bungallow in Mt. Eden was craving some personal touches to really reflect the super fun personalities of those that live there.  Home to busy kids and working parents, practicality was obviously a design goal. Still, they did not want to sacrifice the beauty of each room if favour of total utilitarianism.  Accommodating the kids with great bedrooms of their own and a common playroom was part of the brief which was a lot of fun for me.  We decorated the whole home over time, tackling one area after another.

The owners had their heart set on gutting the fireplace which they felt was a total eye sore.  I was able to talk them out of that idea as I saw major potential that could also save serious dollars.   I found a fire surround on Trademe (really!) and sourced tiles to make it a colourful addition to the room.  With a little black paint, a nice shelf and the owner’s artwork, it was transformed into something that they can be proud of.  The addition of fabrics to the windows, a rug with leaves and other touches bring the organic jungle theme they wanted to life.  The shelves were crafted with toy storage in mind as the kids love to hang out here.  The really high cupboards are an awesome place to store items that the parents don’t want curious little kids to get their hands on.  Currently, it is used to hide early deliveries from Santa Claus but don’t let the children know that!


The bedroom for their little princesses is feminine but not so over the top that they will tire of it as they grow.  The patterned chair is a place for bedtime stories to be read and the draperies make the gorgeous windows even more stunning.


In the living room the tele is integrated without its size overwhelming the space.  Bright fabrics, pillows and a cool rug make it somewhere the family will love to gather.