Designing with the Kids in Mind

As a mum myself, I intimately understand the challenges of decorating for your kids.  Their tastes change overnight which can mean multiple re-does over the years that come with heavy price-tags.  I have a unique approach to their little corners of the world investing in things that will grow with them and supplementing designs with more affordable items that can be changed out easily and affordably.

New Zealand homes have a very common issue in a lack of storage.  The large (and enviable) walk-in closets that you see in America just aren’t a feature of most bedrooms.  Still, kids here collect clothes, sports gear, keepsakes, toys and more that can make their rooms look like a daily cyclone has descended if they have no place to put things.


I have a special knack for cabinetry, shelving and study space design.  For this project, I used Harlequin wallpaper in shades of blue for the son’s room and added white drawers, shelving and a sleek desk for storage and studying.  For the daughter’s room, together we chose a simple palette, also in blue, creating a lovely little learning nook with shelving.  This moveable unit still allows access to an awkward door that was a bit of a design conundrum for the little room.  The parents also wanted a little bit of a change in the master bedroom.  I used colour to add some personality to the space along with cushions in silk and velvet for layers of texture.