Contemporary with Every Modern Convenience

This contemporary kitchen space is simple yet highly functional. The colours and textures that the client and I selected were meant to complement their desire for an area free of design clutter for a very polished feel. The unique tile features add a bit of understated flair and were expertly installed by one of my preferredĀ  professionals that I have personally vetted over the years. The substantial bench tops with two waterfall ends are meant to anchor the overall design and were meticulously chosen for their rich leather texture and exquisite crystalline structures Elegant lower cupboards are with anything ornamental are meant to hide kitchen necessities and provide a sleek aesthetic, whilst above interest is added with the introduction of MetalierĀ  panels in Molten Aluminium. Neutral tone stainless steel appliances and a barely there black stove blend seamlessly into the design plan for a flawless super current cooking and entertaining area.