A Family House Custom Designed for Their Lifestyle

A House for a Family Custom Designed for Their Lifestyle

This professional couple are the proud parents of two school-aged little ones so they were very practical in their ideas about the utilitarian needs of the home.  Still, they wanted each room to be a beautiful space for the whole family to enjoy.  One design objective was plenty of storage that could accommodate everyone’s belongings so that the look of everyday clutter could be avoided.  This job is a perfect example of how I work at client’s personal speed in that it was designed over time with zero high-pressure to do it all at once.

Also worth noting in this home is proof that modest budgets do not intimidate or deter me as I even brought pieces from IKEA into the mix.    The sitting room is somewhere to entertain guests in more of a formal setting.  The aged patina of the mirror and the custom striped ottoman soften the rich leather sofas.  I added rich velvet cushions and mixed in the owner’s artwork for a bit of sophistication.

For the family room, storage options were a main request along with a way to tastefully showcase the tele.  The chic white drawers and shelves allow them to display what they want and hide the rest out of sight in the most stylish way possible.  These cabinets were installed by one of the talented craftsmen from my roster – on time and within what they wanted to spend.  The fabric choices are a mix of plains and patterns that will wear well over time and not fade too quickly given the amount of natural sunlight the many windows allow.  The curtains and the rugs compliment the colour scheme and bring everything together.